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Remote Online Service by Ray Dulani, B.Sc. LL.B. Barrister and Solicitor, Law Society of Ontario Notary Public & Commissioner for Oaths, Ontario

RND Law Office, takes pride in offering premier remote online notary public services, including electronic signature and virtual witnessing. This process allows you to easily meet your Notary via online video to securely electronically sign and digitally notarize your documents in minutes. The process is like visiting a real notary public’s office but online.

Convenient. Secure. Online.

Starting from Only $34.95 + Tax

Legally notarize or virtually commission your documents from the comfort of your own home or office.

Why choose us?

When you work with an Ontario Licensed Lawyer who is also a Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths, you can benefit from the expertise of a reliable legal professional who can provide top tier service with exceptional notarial skills.

How notarizing online works

When you work with an Ontario Licensed Lawyer who is also a Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths, you can benefit from the expertise of a reliable legal professional who can provide top tier service with exceptional notarial skills.

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      Payment Methods Accepted: We welcome payments via debit cards, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), and digital payment methods such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.*

      Virtual Meeting Process

      Documents that CAN be notarized online
      • Invitation Letters
      • Letter of Invitation for visitors to Canada
      • Letter of Invitation for a super visa
      • Federal government permanent residency card applications
      • Residency document
      • Special invitations to family members overseas
      • Affidavit giving consent for application or renewal of child passport abroad
      • Service Ontario / Ministry of Finance documents, including the Sworn Statement for the Transfer of a
      • Used Vehicle in the Province of Ontario and the Sworn Statement for a Family Gift of a Used Vehicle in
      • the Province of Ontario
      • OSAP affidavits
      • Affidavit of service
      • Affidavit of divorce
      • Affidavit of single status
      • Affidavit of identity
      • Affidavit of support
      • Affidavit for insurance claims
      • Affidavits regarding common law status
      • Affidavits of marital status, including separation and common law relationships
      • Affidavit waiving vaccinations based on religious grounds
      • Affidavit to extend visa
      • Affidavit for Lost Passport
      • Statutory Declarations
      • Consent to Travel Letter for children traveling abroad (commonly referred to as a travel consent letter)
      • CCDC 9A – Statutory Declaration of Progress Payment Distribution by Contractor
      • Delayed birth registration forms
      • Application to amend birth registration
      • Declaration affirming parentage
      • Election to change of name of child under the age of 12
      • Applications for Legal Change of Name
      • Pension purpose attestations confirming the recipient’s life and residency
      • Single status certificate
      • Municipal Information Form (MIF) for liquor license
      • and many more!

      If you do not find your document in the above list, email [email protected] for inquiry.

      Documents that CANNOT be notarized online
      We cannot provide online electronic signing and digital notarizing for the following as these must be physically signed:
      • Last Will & Testament
      • Power of Attorney
      Additionally, the following documents cannot be electronically signed and require in-person appointments:
      • Certified true copies of original paper/printed documents (also known as “notarized copies”)
        Note: Digital-only Certified True Copies available. Refer to Digital-only Certified True Copies section below.
      • Trusts (including Testamentary Trust)
      • Negotiable Instruments (such as Cheques, Promissory Notes, Loan Agreements, etc)
      • Payment Bond or letter of credit
      • A document of title (e.g., bill of sale, deed), except a contract of carriage (refer to s. 31 of the Ontario Electronic Commerce Act, 2000)
      • Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor for a Canadian Passport
      • Passport applications (in lieu of guarantor)
      • Lost Passport
      • Separation Agreements / Divorce Agreements
      Digital Only Certified True Copies

      If you have a digital document (PDF) that you only ever received in an electronic format and need it notarized, we can notarize a Digital-Only Certified True Copy of the following documents. Examples of digital-only documents:

      Original documents that are electronic may include:

      • Bank statements
      • Utility bills (hydro, gas, water)
      • CRA tax-documents
      • Official correspondence/letters from government or authorities
      • Business registration documents (Articles of Incorporation, Certificates of Incorporation, By-Laws)
      • Criminal record checks
      • University / college enrolment documents
      • Transcripts
      • Employment offers
      • Pay Stubs
      • Records of employment
      • Letters of recommendation
      • Insurance confirmation documents
      • Electronic transcripts
      • Mortgage documents
      • Invoices
      • Retail receipts

      The list above is not finite, and numerous other electronically originated documents can be notarized online.

      We cannot provide digital-only certified true copies of original printed paper documents (either initially first issued in paper format, or only ever issued in paper format). Such paper documents must be notarized in person before a notary public. Examples of such paper-only documents include:

      • Government-issued photo IDs like passports, driver’s licenses, and permanent resident cards.
      • Vital records such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and death certificates.
      • University/college diplomas and degrees.


      A first notarization is $34.95.

      Additional notarized documents are $19.95 each.

      Note: Prices listed above are in Canadian Dollars and exclusive of HST.

      Payment Methods Accepted: We accept payments via major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), and digital payment methods such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.


      • All notarization services are provided by an Ontario Licensed Lawyer / Notary Public / Commissioner for Oaths, depending on availability. Please note: We exclusively offer virtual notary and commissioning services, and in-person appointments are currently not available. We do not provide legal advice during these service appointments.
      • Our fees are determined by the number of notary signatures/stamps and not by the number of documents. Fees for notarization begin at $34.95, plus any applicable taxes. Additionally, for documents that require extended time, involve complex requirements, or necessitate extensive review or processing, an adjusted fee may apply. Additional fees apply for copies: $1.00 per page for black and white, $2.00 per page for color.
      • If more than one person has to sign the same page of a document, each signature needs to be notarized separately. In Ontario, each signature on a family gift vehicle transfer needs to be commissioned individually. This is because the fact of having two signatures on a document is not sufficient to prove that both signatures have been lawfully commissioned. Each signature would be treated as a distinct act that requires authentication by the commissioner. This process helps to authenticate each individual’s signature independently and ensure the legal validity of the document.
      • Our fees consider the additional time, expertise, and resources involved in ensuring the accuracy and completeness of notarizations. We believe in transparent pricing and will communicate any applicable additional fees to clients in advance. A complete quote is provided prior to the commencement of services.
      • Please note that copies or scans of your identification and any documents notarized may be retained to comply with our established office policies and procedures.
      • We accept various payment methods, including Debit Visa, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit cards, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.


      1. Identity Card (ID) Policy – Upload ONE government issued photo identification (examples: Canadian driver’s licence, Canadian provincial / territorial government issued identity card, Canadian permanent resident card, Passport). Any nationality is OK. Note: Your ID must be a legible image of your physical ID (both front and back of it). If your primary identity document does not include your signature, you will be required to provide an additional original and valid government-issued photo identification that includes your signature. Please be informed that we retain the right to verify the authenticity of the identification document presented to us. The name on your government-issued photo ID must match the name on your document you are using, and the signature on both the ID and the document must match. This is particularly important in cases where you have two last names.
      2. Valid Identification for Online Meeting: During the meeting, you shall present an original government- issued photo ID (identification card) for review that is not expired and is valid for use. Failure to physically present a valid photo ID card during the online appointment will result in the cancellation of the appointment. All signatories must appear in video before the Notary to complete the signing process. A screenshot of the signatory with their photo ID will be captured during the meeting.
      3. Do not sign in advance: You agree NOT to sign your document before your online appointment. It is essential to sign the document in the presence of the Notary Public / Commissioner for Oaths.
      4. Client Responsibility for Electronically Commissioned Documents: You are solely responsible for ensuring that electronically signed and commissioned documents are acceptable to the relevant authority and within the jurisdiction where the document(s) are being presented.
      5. In-Person Notarization Requirement for Certain Documents: Documents that require notarization cannot be done virtually (e.g. notarized copies of ID such as Driver’s Licence, Passports, Diplomas) as the notary must emboss the document with the notarial seal, a process that is done in the presence of the notary. For such documents, visit a notary in-person. We currently do not provide in-person notary service.
      6. Accuracy: You agree that you are 100% responsible of making sure your document is accurate, complete and truthful. You understand that we cannot help, advise or guide you to complete or fill out document(s), under any circumstances.
      7. Witnesses: If your document requires a witness, both yourself and the witness must present an original and valid government issued photo identification which matches the name on the document. It is your responsibility to make sure witnesses are present during the notarization process. Please note that the notary can act as the first witness on some document signings. If your document requires two witnesses, you must arrange for the second witness to attend the online meeting.
      8. Printer and Scanner Access: You may need access to a printer and a scanner for the completion of the commissioning process.
      9. Service Hours and Appointment Booking Information: Our service hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST). To schedule appointments for weekday evenings or Saturdays, please call us toll-free at 1-866-676-3529 or send an e-mail: [email protected]

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Yes. According to the Ontario Electronic Commerce Act (the Act), electronic signatures fulfill legal signing requirements The Act states that “a legal requirement that a document be signed is satisfied by an electronic signature.” (2000, c. 17, s. 11 (1))

      Our office has successfully electronically signed numerous documents for Canadian and global use without encountering any complications. We ask clients to confirm that the intended recipient of their document (whether an individual, entity, or organization) accepts electronically signed documents.

      Every electronically signed document is accompanied by a Document History audit trail, serving as evidence of the electronic signature process.

      What is Online Commissioning?
      Online or Virtual Commissioning is a process whereby an individual’s identity is verified by video conferencing for the purpose of taking an oath and/or signing certain documents that requires to be commissioned.

      No, our lawyer cannot provide you legal advice about the documents being commissioned during the appointment. Since these documents might eventually end up with any government agencies, courts, or other authorities (whether in Canada or a different country), they cannot provide you with legal advice about what the receiving authorities require or the next steps to take in your matter. All they can do is follow your instructions and commission the documents based on the requirements for a Commissioner for Oaths in Ontario.

      I have booked an appointment but not yet received an email confirmation?
      If you have submitted the online form via Book Now / Book Appointment Online button on this page and have not received a booking confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam / junk folder in email account. If you still have not received the email after 30 minutes of form submission, please call us toll-free at 1-866-676-3529.
      How does it work?
      1. Pick a convenient date and time for your appointment.
      2. Upload or Email your documents and ID to the notary and meet for signing.
      3. Pay Online.
      4. To begin your appointment, click on the video conference link emailed to you to instantly connect with your notary. Once your identity is confirmed, you will electronically sign. After you sign, your notary will put their digital seal and signature on your documents to make it official.
      Is e-signing platform safe to use?
      Our digital signing platform is highly secure, even more so than using pen and paper. We keep your documents safe with advanced technology. Our e-signature process also keeps a record of everything that happens, making sure your document stays legitimate and your privacy is protected.
      What is a notary seal/signature? How many do I need?
      A notary and commissioner stamp/signatures is an official mark that confirms the authenticity and legality of a document. The number of stamp/signatures required depends on the document type and local regulations. Usually, one stamp or signature is enough for most documents. However, some documents might need multiple stamps or signatures, with each party involved getting their own notarization.
      Are video recordings of the online notary sessions available?
      Yes, upon request prior to the appointment and for an additional fee, video recordings of the session can be provided.
      Do you offer print and mail services?
      Yes, we can print and mail the online commissioned documents within Canada or internationally upon request, subject to an additional fee.