Our Core Values


At RND Law,  we believe that our success is rooted in our five core values. These values form the foundational principles that define what we stand for as a law firm and our way of doing business – from managing our ongoing client files to our relationships with clients, employees and stakeholders.
Trust is fundamental for a successful professional legal service business and is the foundation for a lawyer-client relationship. Therefore, we are dedicated to practicing law with our three essential principles of honesty, integrity and respect in all our actions. We conduct ourselves by these values to strive for excellence in achieving our clients desired outcomes.
We value professionalism, demonstrating competency and reliability in everything we do. We are driven to continually develop and enhance our knowledge and skills to meet and exceed client expectations. We consider it our duty to serve and protect our client’s rights with experience, professionalism and diligence.
We listen and understand our client’s circumstances, needs and concerns. Recognizing clients’ needs and concerns is vital to providing them with creative and practical solutions to their legal challenges. We ensure our clients understand their legal rights and responsibilities. We work with our clients to evaluate their options and equip them with the correct information so they may decide on the best course of action.
We believe communication is the cornerstone of every flourishing business relationship. We keep our clients informed regarding their matters through all relevant stages and concerning all aspects of their cases promptly and effectively. From the initial client intake meeting to the close of the file, we strive to engage in plain discussions with our clients relating to the specific legal services to be provided, anticipated costs associated with the matter, the likelihood of a successful outcome, the estimated timeframe required to provide final deliverables, and what you can rely on us from throughout the process.
We believe clients are best served when we can think creatively about problem-solving and helping our clients with their legal issues. Law practice is an art; although results are paramount, no lawyer can guarantee the outcome. We are high-performing and result oriented and invest our time and efforts to meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations. We use constructive and timely methods to help our clients resolve their legal matters pragmatically and cost-effectively.