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Affidavits and Declarations


Written statement of facts voluntarily sworn or affirmed under oath and signed, used as evidence in legal proceedings.


Solemn declaration made by an individual to affirm the truth of a statement without invoking a religious oath.


Formal declaration made by an individual invoking a higher power, such as a religious figure or deity, to confirm the truthfulness of a statement.

Statutory Declaration

Written statement made under oath or affirmation, authorized by specific legislation, and used as evidence or to confirm particular facts.


Invitation for Visitor Visa

Formal request inviting someone from another country to visit and outlining the purpose and duration of their visit.

Sponsorship Support for Visa

Assistance provided by a sponsor to support an individual’s visa application, often involving financial and logistical support.

Immigration Sponsorship Letter

Written statement expressing a person’s commitment to sponsor and support an individual’s immigration process, including financial assistance.

Affidavits of Support

Demonstrating financial support and sponsorship for an individual during their immigration process.

Consent Letters for Minors

Authorizing minors to travel with or be under the care of specific individuals during immigration or travel.

Waiver Letters

Seeking exemption or special considerations in certain immigration matters.


Business Agreements

Legally binding contracts outlining the rights and responsibilities of parties engaged in a business venture.

Letter of Undertaking

Written commitment to fulfill a specific obligation or responsibility.

Letters of Intent

Documents specifying the terms and conditions of a proposed business transaction, serving as a preliminary agreement.

Vendor Contracts

Agreements that establish the terms, obligations, and expectations between a company and its suppliers for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Power of Attorney

Legal document granting authority to act on behalf of another person in legal or financial matters.
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