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At RND Law Office, we take pride in providing quick, affordable, and reliable notary public services. Our team consists of a licensed lawyer who is also a notary public as well as an additional dedicated notary public who are committed to delivering the highest level of service to our clients.

We understand that the process of notarizing or commissioning documents can sometimes be intricate, but rest assured, we are here to help and guide you through the process. Our notaries public are committed to making the process simple and straightforward, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule and your specific needs.

Notarizations, Certifications, Legalizations, Commissioning

Starting from Only $24.95 + Tax


Fees are determined by the number of Notary signature/stamp, not the number of documents. One Notary Public Signature and Stamp = One Notarized Document (one notarization), regardless of the number of pages in the printed basic document and regardless of how many times the client signs.

For example, a single basic document may contain 10 pages, and requires our office to add two notary public signatures. This is considered two notarizations for this “Document”, and therefore is charged as two notarized documents.

Basic Document Notarization*:

*The prices listed above are exclusive of tax.
*Document exclusions apply. Refer to Important Notifications section for complete details.

Payment Methods Accepted: We welcome payments via debit cards, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), and digital payment methods such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.*


Click the button above to select a convenient date and time from the available time slots on the calendar to book your appointment. For same-day evening or weekend appointments, please call the office.
Please complete the online Client Information Form prior to arriving for your appointment to save time during your visit.


By Appointment only.
Same day appointments available.

Monday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Note: The Notary is available only for scheduled appointments. Please do not show up without an appointment because the Notary may not be in the office at that time.


Google Street View of Entrance:

201 21st Street East, Suite 716, Saskatoon (CIBC building – Saskatoon)

  • Our office is inside the CIBC building on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 21st Street East in Saskatoon.
  • Enter through the main doors at 201 21st Street East, go up to the 7th floor. RND Law Office, Suite 716, will be just across the hall on your right.


Can’t attend our office? We’ll come to you!

RND Law Office offers mobile notarization services for Saskatoon and Area, whereby one of our notaries will attend at your location to notarize or commission your documents.

The notary must meet with signatories in person to validate and notarize their signatures.
In situations where the individual can’t travel to our office, or when there’s a large group signing which makes it inconvenient for all to travel, RND Law Office can arrange for a mobile notary to meet at a location that suits you.

Our flexible service extends to a variety of locations such as: Banks, Credit Unions and other Financial Institutions, Corporate settings ranging from Start-ups and Small to Medium Enterprises to Large Multinational Corporations, Hotels, Theatres, Recording Studios, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Places of worship, Community Centers, Correctional Centers and Airport.

Please note that our mobile services are not always available. The specific location must have the necessary permissions and be suitable for the notary service you need. We require an upfront payment for a non-refundable travel fee to be paid at the time appointment is confirmed: $100 + applicable tax for Saskatoon, $125 + applicable tax for Martensville and Warman. For other locations within a 30 km radius of Saskatoon, fees will be provided upon request.


  • All notarization services are provided by a Saskatchewan Licensed Lawyer / Notary Public / Commissioner for Oaths, depending on availability.
  • Our fees are determined by the number of notary signatures/stamps and not by the number of documents. Fees for notarization begin at $24.95, plus any applicable taxes. Basic Document for notarization include proof of identity document (e.g. passport, driver’s licence) notarization or copy certification only. Please note that certain document types and specialized notarizations such as Wills, Trust Documents, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, Prenuptial/Separation/Divorce Agreements, Business Documents, Corporate Documents, Deeds, Loan and Mortgage Documents, Immigration Documents, Adoption Papers, and Advance Care Directives are excluded from this standard fee. Additionally, for notarizations that require extended time, involve complex requirements, or necessitate extensive review or processing, an adjusted fee may apply. An additional fee of $10 is applicable for each use of Blue, Red, Silver, or Gold notarial seal stamps, for each additional page that requires marking, as well as any printing or scanning services involving email transfers. Additional fees apply for copies: $1.00 per page for black and white, $2.00 per page for color.
  • Our fees consider the additional time, expertise, and resources involved in ensuring the accuracy and completeness of notarizations. We believe in transparent pricing and will communicate any applicable additional fees to clients in advance. A complete quote is provided prior to the commencement of services.
  • Please note that while serving as your Notary, we do not provide legal advice.
  • Please note that copies or scans of your identification and any documents notarized may be retained to comply with our established office policies and procedures.
  • We accept various payment methods, including exact cash, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit cards, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay.


  1. Bring ONE government issued photo identification (examples: Canadian driver’s licence, Canadian provincial / territorial government issued identity card, Canadian permanent resident card, Passport). Any nationality is OK. Note: Your ID must be your physical ID, not an image on a phone or a photocopy. If your primary identity document does not include your signature, you will be required to provide an additional original and valid government-issued photo identification that includes your signature. Please be informed that we retain the right to verify the authenticity of the identification document presented to us.
  2. The name on your government-issued photo ID must match the name on your document you are using, and the signature on both the ID and the document must match. This is particularly important in cases where you have two last names.
  3. Valid Identification and In-Person Appearance: Valid and non-expired identification is mandatory for each person signing the document. All signatories must appear in person before the Notary to complete the signing process.
  4. If your document requires a witness, both yourself and the witness must bring original and valid government issued photo identification which matches the name on the document. It is your responsibility to make sure witnesses are present during the notarization process. Please note that our notaries cannot serve as witnesses.
  5. Do NOT sign or date the documents before you meet with the Notary. It is the Notary’s responsibility to properly identify you and witness your signature.
  6. Only the signatory or the witness who are required to sign the document are allowed to be present during the notarization process. No other person, including legal representatives, is permitted to attend. To ensure compliance with document requirements and facilitate a valid notarization process, if specific instructions or guidance from a legal representative are necessary, the client must provide them in writing before the notarization.
  7. For Notarizing / Certifying True Copies:
    • Bring the original document(s) and legible photocopies – the Notary must view the original. Without the original, the Notary cannot notarize or certify a copy.
    • There are photocopiers in our office and we offer the convenience of making black and white or color photocopies for an additional fee of $1.00 per page for black and white copies and $2.00 per page for color copies.
    • If you are photocopying multiple documents onto a single page, by law, each photocopied image requires its own seal. A fee for each seal is required.
    • A multi-page document generally requires only 1 seal. The Notary will seal 1st page and signature stamp other pages.
    • To Notarize a document(s), you need to know which term of notarization you are looking to complete. Example: Many clients will require that the Notary notarize their signature on the original or photocopy of the document, or notarize that your document is the original. You may also request that the Notary notarize/certify a true copy of the original document.
    • IDs / Passports must be notarized in-person.
    • Wills and Power of Attorneys must be signed on pen and paper.
  8. For Signing Documents:
    • Before arriving at our office: mark an ‘X’ at each place where the Notary is required to sign to save time for both parties.
    • Complete all your documents: Fill in forms, enter ID numbers, and attach any necessary photographs before coming to our office.
    • Note that it is essential to provide evidence that demonstrates your authority to sign specific documents. It is your responsibility to ensure that you possess the required authorization and remember to bring the relevant documentation with you.
  9. Document Seal:
    • In Saskatchewan, Notaries utilize an embossed seal to create a raised impression on documents.
    • We offer clients the option to choose between a gold or red seal sticker. When it comes to photocopying, it is worth noting that a gold seal generally reproduces better than a red seal, ensuring optimal results.
  10. Appointment Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy:
  11. To reschedule or cancel your appointment, we kindly request that you provide us with a minimum notice of 24 hours in advance. Please contact us via phone or email to communicate any changes. Failure to adhere to this notice period may result in the application of a $50 cancellation fee.


Our Notarization and Commissioning of Documents Services include the following, and if you don’t find a specific service listed, please feel free to inquire at our office, as we are well-equipped to assist with a wide range of notarial and commissioning needs:

Notarization Of Legal Documents

Affidavit Notarization

Notarizing affidavits

Statutory Declaration Notarization

Notarizing statutory declarations

Signature Witnessing

Witnessing signatures on legal documents

Document Certification

Certifying and attesting true copies of documents

Legal Agreements Notarization

Notarizing various types of legal agreements

Government Documents

Notarizing or commissioning of official forms, applications, or paperwork

Notarization For Specific Purposes

Birth Certificate Copy Certification

Certifying copies of birth certificates

Marriage Certificate Copy Certification

Certifying copies of marriage certificates

Divorce Certificate Copy Certification

Certifying copies of divorce certificates

Custodianship Document Notarization

Notarizing custodianship documents

Education and Professional Degrees Certification

Certifying copies of education certificates

Notarization For Immigration Purposes

Invitation Letter Notarization

Notarizing letters of invitation for visa purposes

Travel Consent Letter Notarization

Notarizing travel consent letters

Passport Document Signing

Notarizing passport documents

Passports - In Lieu of Guarantor form

Commissioning the “In Lieu of Guarantor form” for passport

Criminal Record Check Notarization

Notarizing criminal record checks

Notarization For Personal And Estate Matters

Legal Change of Name Form Notarization

Notarizing legal name change forms

Original Documents Notarization

Notarizing original documents

Power of Attorney Notarization

Notarizing Power of Attorney documentation

Wills and Estate Planning Document Notarization

Notarizing wills and estate planning documents

Document Notarization for International Use

Notarizing documents for use abroad

Affidavit of service

Confirming the proper delivery of legal documents to relevant parties through a sworn statement.

Notarization For Business And Property Matters

Mortgage Document Notarization

Notarizing mortgage-related documents

Property Documents Notarization

Notarizing documents pertaining to property transactions, real estate deals, inheritance, and land ownership transfers

Insurance, Loan, Brokerage Documents Notarization

Notarizing documents related to insurance policies, loan agreements, and brokerage contracts

Contracts, Surface Lease Agreements, Proof of Loss Notarization

Notarizing legally binding agreements, land lease contracts, and documents providing evidence of losses or damages

Sale Documents Notarization

Notarizing documentation associated with the sale of goods, assets, or properties

Bond Documents Notarization

Notarizing legal documents concerning surety bonds or guarantees

Insolvency Documents Notarization

Notarizing documentation related to bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings


For comprehensive legal, business, and immigration document drafting services, please visit our website page dedicated to Document Drafting Service.